Penelope RT Audio Processor is a real-time audio affects processor app for Android OS. You may download the app for free fromĀ Google Play.

Penelope features an advanced particle system simulation to visualize sound and add evolutionary real-time audio and video affects. The simulation is based on ancient Tonoscopes. Tonoscopes have been used for thousands of years to design instruments like violins, pianos, guitars, and Pyramids.

What’s an Audio Affects Processor

The difference between audio Affects and Effects is: an audio effect takes an audio input and adds an effect. The effect can make the audio sound like just about anything. An audio affect does the same, but allows the input audio to change the filter. For example Digital Delay would be considered an audio affect because if features feedback.

Penelope is the first and only real-time audio affects processor for Android OS.

What does Real-time mean?

Most audio effects apps for Android require users to record audio, and then they add the effect on playback. Real-time means that playback happens at the same time as recording. For a vocalist this means you can hear the audio affect while you sing. For guitarists you can actually use Penelope as a practice amp.

How can I use Penelope?

Penelope can be used for recording (requires Android v4.3) or in a live situation, like home karaoke. There is a small amount of latency during playback, a little too much latency for pro audio applications. We are working on reducing latency. Penelope is more suited for the amateurs, recording artists, and as an introductory tool into a world of amazing rich audio affects. Enjoy!

Why Penelope?

Penelope breaks down sounds into Sacred Geometries. These divisions of time, space, and waves are the basis for Musical Theory as well as advanced Physics. Expands your consciousness. Now we are not as off our nut as Nassim Haramein, among others, believes this technology leads to space travel, Star Drives! But it sure does paint pretty pictures.

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